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City of Novi
City of Novi

Budget and Multi-Year Financial Plan
(Current and Previous)

Each year, City Council compiles a list of priorities that address topics such as public safety, parks, infrastructure, finance, etc. Resources are then allocated accordingly based on multiple year revenue projections. In today’s climate, recognizing additional cost savings opportunities is paramount and managing the revenue decline requires continued action. The decline is manageable in its scope with the right decisions. By City Charter, the budget must be approved by City Council in May.

Budget Document CoverFY 2015-2016 Budget and Multi-Year Financial Plan

2015-2016 Budget and Financial Plan
      Multi-Year Financial Plan excerpt (2015-2018)
Complementary Budget Story

FY 2014-2015 Budget and Multi-Year Financial Plan

 2014-2015 Budget and Multi-Year Financial Plan (22 MB)
           Multi-Year Financial Plan excerpt (2014-2017)
 Council Amendments to Recommended Budget

FY 2013-14 Budget and Multi-Year Financial Plan

2013-2014 Annual Budget (32 MB)
       Multi-Year Financial Plan excerpt (2013-2016) (2 MB)
       Capital Improvement Program section excerpt (19 MB)
Work and Live in Michigan / Pure Michigan
 Recommended FY 2013-2014 Budget Presentation - 4/15/13

Previous Budget Documents

 2012-2013 Annual Budget (15.7 MB)
 2011-2012 Annual Budget (15.6 MB)
 2010-2011 Annual Budget (8.6 MB)

Fiscal Fitness

In an effort to share on-going City fiscal information with community members, a monthly web-newsletter, Fiscal Fitness, was created. The newsletter shares examples of what the City of Novi is doing to keep a healthy bottom line through cost-saving measures and/or service enhancements and partnerships in several areas. Click here to see the archive of the Fiscal Fitness Newsletter.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Click here to view the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) archive.

Bond Rating

 Standard & Poor's City of Novi Bond Credit Rating Report - July 27, 2012