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City of Novi
City of Novi

Information / Requirements Sheets, Check Lists,
Manuals & Publications

Quick Reference

 Residential Development Options
 Zoning District Overview Chart (June 2012)
(Please note that the above links are not a
substitute for the ordinance standards,
but intended as quick reference guides.)

Information / Requirements Sheets

 Basement (Finished) Requirements
 Deck Requirements
 Pool and Spa Requirements
 Residential Addition Requirements
 Residential Entranceway Signage Requirements
 Shed or Detached Garage Requirements
 Demolition Permit Requirements
 Deferred Submittal Requirements
 Residential Fence Requirements
 Flagpole Regulations


  Building Permit Application Submittal for New Home Checklist
 Plot Plan (Woodlands) Checklist
 Residential Building Permit Requirements
 Commercial Building Plan Review Checklist
 Commercial Change of Occupancy Checklist
 High Piled Combustible Storage Submittal Checklist
 Non-Residential Inspections Checklist
 Schedule of Special Inspections
 Seasonal Outdoor Seating Site Plan Checklist
(Read more about Seasonal Outdoor Seating as well as obtain an Outdoor Seating Application for Approval by clicking here.)
 Fire Alarm Plan Submittal Checklist
 Fire Sprinkler Plan Submittal Checklist
 Service of Alcohol Special Land Use Checklist

Manuals & Publications

Non-Motorized Master Plan - 2/28/11
2010 Master Plan for Land Use and Master Plan Review
Master Plan Review (2/14/08)
 Landscape Design Manual
 Site Plan & Development Manual
 Wetland and Woodland Stewardship

Zoning Verification

Zoning Verification Letter

Temporary Special Use

Temporary Special Land Use Permits
Temporary Special Exception Permits

Review Standards

  Dimensional Variance
  Sign Variance
  Use Variance

Other Information

Flood Protection Information
Radon Information
 Requirements for Scheduling Pre-Construction Meetings
 Hours of Construction
 Codes in Effect (October 2014)
       To purchase a book please see the bottom of the form.
 Notice of Inspections
 Flood Plain Building Procedures
 Minor Tenant Alteration/Special Instructions
  Non-Domestic User Survey Form  
 Requirements for Submitting a Release & Indemnity Agreement

Studies, Reviews, Tests

  Town Center Area Study - 2014
 Retail Update (Commercial Land Use Facts) - October 2012
 Office Service Technology (OST) District Facts - June 2012
 River Stroll Study
 Wetlands Essentiality Test
 Wildlife Habitat Plan - 6/93
Grand River Corridor & Novi Road Corridor Studies
 One-Family Residential Development Options