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City of Novi

Reasons to Go Green

Man Throwing Plastic Bottle in Trash CanToo Much Trash

The typical American family throws out 550 pounds of paper, 18 pounds of steel, 90 pounds of glass, and 318 pounds of food scraps. Yard trimmings such as grass clippings and tree limbs are also a substantial part of what we throw away. Composting can help reduce this burden.

The Greenhouse Effect

Gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and methane pollute our atmosphere. As these gases build up they are producing too much heat making the earth a little hotter.

Air Pollution

There are many factors that contribute to poor air quality such as the pollution generated by power plants and cars. When the air gets too dirty it can be uncomfortable to breathe, and with every breath you may be inhaling substances which can make you sick. Air pollution can also hurt animals and plants. It can also poison trees and crops, and may even kill off entire forests.

Damage to the Ozone Layer

Ozone is an invisible gas, a form of oxygen. A thin layer of ozone exists above the Earth and forms a protective shield. One of the biggest culprits destroying the ozone layer is a family of chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These are used in the manufacture of hundreds of different products such as plastics and foam packing materials, and refrigerants. The effects of the CFCs cause holes in the ozone layer.

Water Pollution and Excessive Water Consumption

There are many sources of water pollution. We usually think of huge pipes dumping industrial waste into rivers, but only 10 percent of water pollution comes from industrial dumping. Most people get their water from underground sources. Rainwater and melted snow running off parking lots, rooftops, streets, and farms carry with them harmful substances. During a storm, the pollutants are washed into rivers and streams.

The average residence uses 100,000 gallons of water in one year. The less water used the better for the environment it will be. Do you know how much water is used in homes each day? AVERAGE CONSUMPTION PER DAY PER PERSON = 70 GALLONS!

Here is a guide:

Inside Activity Gallons Used
Gallons Used
(water saving davice*)
Toilet Flushing 5 - 7 gallons per flush 1½ - 3½ gallons per flush
Shower (water running) 7 - 10 gallons per minute 2 - 4 gallons per minute
Bath (Full tub) 36 - 50 gallons (conventional) 30 - 40 gallons (conventional)
40 - 80 gallons (whirlpool)
Laundry Machine (full load) 60 gallons top loader 42 gallons top loader
Dishwasher 15 gallons normal load 7½ - 10 gallons normal load
Dish washing by hand 30 gallons tap running 10 - 20 gallons tap running
Shaving 20 gallons tap running 2 - 5 gallons tap running
Brushing Teeth 10 gallons tap running 2 - 3 gallons tap running
Washing Hands 2 gallons tap running 1 - 2 gallons tap running
* The rate of consumption for water-saving devices or products varies significantly. Please check the packaging on the plumbing fixture or product you purchase to determine the water efficiency of your merchandise.


Outside Activity Hose Size Lbs. Pressure
Per Sq. Inch
Time Gallons Used
Watering Lawn 1/2 inch 60 1 hour 630
Watering Lawn 5/8 inch 60 1 hour 1,020
Watering Lawn 3/4 inch 60 1 hour 1,860