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Going Green is good business!

All of the going green movements help the environment but they also help in other ways. Going green at work sets an example for employees so that they will go green in other areas of their lives. It also shows customers and clients community commitment. Plus, it supports the larger companies that are putting time and money into greening up their own business practices.

Business and the environment are closely linked. Though some businesses have more obvious impacts on the environment than others, all businesses have some environmental impact, through the products they manufacture or purchase, the energy and water they use, the transportation associated with employee commutes, and many other factors. Similarly, the health of a business is often contingent upon a healthy environment and the availability of abundant natural resources. No business can operate for long without clean water, clean air or a chemically stable atmosphere. By improving the environmental performance of your business, you help to ensure a clean and healthy environment for future generations, as well as a healthy and more efficient economy.

Improving your company’s environmental performance is good for business. Greening your company’s operations makes them more efficient. Waste indicates inefficiency: the more waste your business produces, the less efficient it is. By producing less waste, consuming less paper and energy, and using resources more efficiently, your business can cut costs while enhancing the sustainability of its operations. In addition, acting responsibly toward the environment promotes good will among customers, shareholders, and employees.

If your company decides to enhance its environmental performance, the process will not be completed overnight. Finding ecologically preferable products and services that meet your company’s operational standards in a cost-competitive way requires a long-term commitment. The steps set forth in this guide are not meant to be prescriptive, and the list of actions for you to consider undertaking is not exhaustive. Rather, this guide offers suggestions to get you started in the right direction and to help you see results.