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City of Novi
City of Novi

Wind Energy Turbine Ordinance

Wind Energy Turbines Ordinance - May 2010
City Council recently approved an ordinance to allow the installation and use of wind energy turbines in the City of Novi.

Wind turbines come in a variety of sizes designed to accommodate both private use in a residential or business setting and wind energy production via utility grade systems. According to the most recent U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory maps, the City of Novi does not have sufficient wind power to accommodate a large-scale utility wind farm. Therefore, the approved ordinance provides regulations related to wind turbines designed for private use by local residents and businesses.

The ordinance identifies three types of wind turbines: Small Tower-Mounted Wind Energy Turbines (STMWET), Small Structure-Mounted Wind Energy Turbines (SSMWET) and Medium Wind Energy Turbines (MWET).

mall Structure-Mounted Wind Energy TurbinesSmall Structure-Mounted Wind Energy Turbines

SSMWETs are a permitted use in all districts with a height not to exceed 15 feet measured from the highest point of the roof with a required setback of 15 feet.

Small Tower-Mounted Wind Energy Turbines

STMWETs are permitted in all districts with a height not to exceed 100 feet, except in residential districts, where the height of a STMWET can not exceed 35 feet. These wind turbines would be limited to the rear yard with a required setback equal to the height of the tower.

Medium Wind Energy TurbineMedium Wind Energy Turbines

MWETs are a special land use in the I-1 District (Light Industrial), I-2 District (General Industrial) and the OST District (Office Service Technology). They are limited to a height of 150 feet with a required setback equal to the total height of the tower. Additional regulations regarding ground clearance, noise, vibration, guy wires, etc. are also provided for in the ordinance.

Residents interested in learning more about this ordinance or in installing a wind turbine should contact the Community Development Department at 248-347-0475.