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City of Novi
City of Novi

Strategic Themes and Long-Term Goals

On January 11, 2014, at an Early Input Budget Session, the Novi City Council approved the following Strategic Themes & Broad Goal categories. The items listed under each goal are the top ranked items and represent areas of focus to assist in reaching the over-arching goals during the next 12 to 18 months for the short-term goals and more than 18 months or ongoing for long-term goals.

Click on a letter below to see the goals. Hover over a goal to see the status.

Nurture Public Services that residents want and value
- Repave West Road from West Park Drive to City Limits
- Install new traffic signal at 13 Mile and Cabot Drive
- Continue ADA Compliance plan implementation for non-motorized facilities
- Construct 8 foot pathway on north side of 8 Mile Road between Garfield and Beck
- Complete pedestrian gap on 10 Mile Road from CSX railroad to Catherine Industrial Road
- Complete Park Place Pump Station Upgrades
- Complete Greenway Development Phase 1A Community Sports Park to 9 Mile Road
- Install Villa Barr Park Property Sewer Extension
- Implement Novi Enterprise Assets Management System (NEAMS) mobile access for Field Operations and Water/Sewer Divisions
- Implement Older Adults Services Strategic Plan 2013-2015
- Continue implementation of the Novi Public Library 2013-2018 Strategic Plan
- Complete Capital Needs Assessment (amenities at City parks)
- Complete widening of Haggerty Road (9 Mile to 10 Mile)
- Complete Arcade demolition and upper lobby build out
Operate a World-Class and sustainable local government
- Implement Guest Services Secret Shopper program for the remaining departments in the Civic Center
- Graduate the first class of the new Novi Citizen Academy
- Roll out Homeowner Association Entryway Signage Grant Program
- Install new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to replace current Civic Center Phone System
- Review operation of SWOCC inter-government Agreement
- Make an additional payment of $100,000 to Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) obligation; continue to make 100% actuarial-prescribed payments
Value / build a desirable and vibrant community for residents / businesses, now and into the future
- Begin process to update the City's Master Plan for Land Use
- Begin to develop Thoroughfare Plan
- Continue to implement Economic Development Goals and Strategies as adopted by City Council
- Monitor development at southwest corner of I-96 and Novi Road
- Continue to conduct retention visits with companies which call Novi home
Invest properly in being a safe community at all times for all people
- Recruit and hire additional police officer to further enhance services and reduce criminal activity
- Complete necessary improvements and upgrades to Fire Station #4 to provide a secondary or backup Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
- Complete necessary building repairs and maintenance to Fire Station #3
- Install modern Air Handlers at Civic Center and Police Station