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City of Novi
City of Novi

Public Safety Dashboard

Public Safety Dashboard OverviewThe primary responsibility of local government is to provide for the public health and safety of persons and property. This responsibility, when properly managed, can substantially improve the growth and economic development of the community. The population of Novi has grown rapidly; census data indicates Novi grew by 7,096 people between 2000 and 2008, with the number of new households increasing by 20 percent. With these increases, Novi's Public Safety Departments (Police and Fire) have also seen an increase in their respective calls for service. According to the statistically valid 2010 Community Survey, 97% of all respondents felt it was somewhat important, very important, or essential to make yearly investments in Police and Fire facilities and equipment. The City of Novi has improved safety over the years by using a comprehensive approach of managing existing personnel by effectively training, improving equipment, and recruiting and retaining the highest caliber staff.

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